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Tonja and Family


Elisa and Family

Tonja King  & Elisa Johnson are sisters that, despite an almost 12-year age difference share a close friendship. Tonja is the mother of four, and Elisa is the mother of six. 

As mothers Tonja and Elisa each know all about the joys and trials of motherhood. Tonja came face to face with one of these trials 20 years ago while running errands with her then 6-month-old daughter. She found herself needing to use a public restroom with her baby in tow, and realized there was no safe and sanitary place to put her. She thought there ought to be a solution to this problem, one that would be portable so that the mother could always have it when she needed it. She searched for a product that would solve this problem, but found nothing. She briefly toyed with the idea of making something herself, but as a busy new mom already running her own home sewing business she put the idea on the back burner.

Elisa's frustration followed nearly 10 years later with the birth of her first. She quickly learned that she was not alone in her dilemma. On a routine trip to her favorite store she ran into another desperate mother. They exchanged a knowing look and said in unison, "I will watch your baby if you watch mine!"

Tonja and Elisa knew that something had to be done to make every mothers life just a little easier, and so the Babykeeper was birthed.

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